OMIM Data Downloads

In addition to searching OMIM through the website, OMIM offers a number of data files that are updated nightly and are available for download following a registration and review process. Registration is necessary to keep a record of downloads for funding purposes* and to notify users of changes and updates. One file, mim2gene.txt, is provided without registration to help interconnectivity of MIM numbers among other data resources.

File Name File Description
mim2gene.txt A tab-delimited file linking MIM numbers with NCBI Gene IDs, Ensembl Gene IDs, and HGNC Approved Gene Symbols.

Licensing and Registration

Research and educational use of OMIM is encouraged, and single-user academic, non-profit, and governmental agencies can register below for access to the following files without a license.

File Name File Description
mimTitles.txt A tab-delimited file of MIM numbers and titles.
genemap2.txt A tab-delimited file containing OMIM's Synopsis of the Human Gene Map including additional information such as genomic coordinates and inheritance.
morbidmap.txt A tab-delimited file of OMIM's Synopsis of the Human Gene Map (same as genemap2.txt above) sorted alphabetically by disorder.

For-profit companies or anyone planning to redisplay or incorporate OMIM data into software MUST secure a license to obtain access to these files. Registering below will initiate this process, and you can expect to hear from the JHU licensing office within 2 business days.

Please ensure that you describe accurately how you plan to use OMIM so that we can process your registration quickly. Once your registration is approved you will receive an email containing a set of urls which will allow you to download the data. Non-compliant registrations will be automatically rejected.

Please contact us if you have specific data requirements that are not met by the files listed above.

Johns Hopkins University holds the copyright to OMIM including the collective data therein. I hereby declare that I will not use or share the data contained in OMIM for any commercial purposes, will not develop a derivative database, nor distribute the data to a third party without first obtaining a license from Johns Hopkins University to do so. I have included a brief description of how I will use OMIM in my registration. If OMIM data are used in research, I will notify OMIM and send a copy of the reference.


Please enter your institutional email address (By entering *.com address, you give a permission for a JHU Tech licensing representative to contact you). Email addresses from generic email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, MSN, iCloud,, or will be automatically rejected.

Note: OMIM contains data for research and educational use only. Users seeking information about a personal medical or genetic condition are urged to consult with a qualified physician for diagnosis and for answers to personal questions.